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About Alexa Rank Checker

Are you looking to promote your business online? Do you want to boost up your sales over a limited time? Then definitely you need to start a website. On this website, you can promote your products, write articles for your product and promote it online. You can also create a website for online tutorials, or you can create a website on which you can write about any random topic and share information with your readers.

Now, after you have set a website, you need some readers who read your blog or article, and you need to get some response from your website. You also need to increase your website traffic to get featured on Google's results page. You will aim to have a higher page rank once you have done with publishing the page. Here comes SEO. SEO is also essential if you have built your website, and you want it to grow.

Alexa Rank Checker:

If you want to know how good your website is growing, then one of the ways is to get Alexa Web Tool. It helps you to understand the performance of your website on that particular search engine. It displays the performance of your page in the form of graphs, which allows you to improve your SEO.

Alexa Rank checker displays the rank of all websites according to their popularity and then according to the traffic on the website, it shows the most used sites on the internet.

You also need to improve your website so that the site gets recognised by the Alexa Rank Checker. It contains millions of website on the list, the main reason for excluding a website is it is not famous enough to get recognised by Alexa Rank Checker.

An Alexa Rank Checker tells whether a website is famous or not based on the traffic it attracted in the previous three months.

Working of an Alexa Rank Checker:

As mentioned above an Alexa rank checker ranks the website based on the traffic on the site during the previous three months. The Alexa rank checker gathers the information about all the traffic on the websites present in the list, and then it calculates the number of views on those particular pages of the website. It also checks the time users spend on that page of the website. The most important thing it also checks the number of pages viewed in the previous three months on that website.

Uses of Alexa Rank Checker:

1. It helps in a complete analysis of your website and gives you your low performance and negative results, which enables you to improve day by day.

2. It helps you have a look at your competitor's site analysis and learn from their positive's.

3. It gives you complete information about your website about every page and the traffic on your website.

Alexa Rank Checker is available as an extension to your primary browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Using an Alexa Rank Checker:

1. Search for Alexa Rank Checker on your search engine and select any one of them.

2. Now enter your website's URL and then click on check rank.

3. Alexa Rank Checker displays the global rank, your country rank and also the difference in previous and present rank.


In the end, I would like to suggest that if you own a website, then Alexa Ranka Checker is must as it helps you understand your negative points and then you can focus on them to improve your website's traffic and ranking.