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About Blacklist Lookup

Do your emails get blocked? Are your forums chat blacklisted? Blacklist checker is the tool you might want to use.

Blacklist Checker will check your mail IP address over hundreds of domain name systems on the internet. They are the best way of reducing email spams and the fraud emails you receive anonymously. You may not be able to send your mails on time once your mail server gets blacklisted.

The blacklist checker shows if your domain or IP address is with  DNSBL or SURBL. DNSBL or Domain Name System Blacklist is the first layer of your protection towards the spam email address. They have filters to recognize the source of spam emails.

The second layer being the SURBL also have spam filters and are from the sites that get blacklisted for using spam emails. They check the body of emails, and if they find any websites, they check the websites, and if seen as fake, they report the email as spam.

Now, if your email gets blacklist, you need to check DNSBL as they tend to change frequently.

Using a blacklist checker:

There are online tools for blacklist checker; all you need to do is a search for an online tool, enter your IP address in the space, and click on check. The blacklist checker automatically searches through its database and then shows the result if your domain name is present or not.


You need to check for suspicious links received through email and better be away from it as some of them might cause some problems to you and your data on your computer. Also, you need to check if your email is blacklisted or not as you might not be able to send any emails if it is blacklist. So always keep checking your email and your spam folder.