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About Broken Links Finder

Whenever you search something on the internet, you might sometimes experience 404: Page not found an error. Now, this error may be because the website has moved out temporarily or permanently, or the link is suspended or blacklisted by Google, you never know. These links are called Broken links.

Broken links show that the website might be outdated or it might have relocated to any other domain and you are not aware of it. There is also chances of the site being removed.

As a user, you might feel frustrated to view broken links and got your questions solved, but as a website owner, it feels so gross that your website has been taken down. You would not know if your webpage or website is taken down unless you check yourself or someone tells you about it. It's hard to have too many broken links on your site when you have a business and promote products online and market and sell them.


To check whether your website is down or working fine, you need to check it from time to time and keep a check on it. To find if your site has any broken links there is an online tool called Broken links checker that could do the job for you. All you need to do is search for a broken links checker and then go for it. Enter the URL of the website you need to check and click on SUBMIT. As soon as you do that you will be able to check whether the link is broken or not.


After you get to know about the broken links you can fix these before the clients notice it or if the website is moved temporarily you can inform the users to check out the alternate site, this would help you in increasing traffic on the new site and also would increase the page ranking of your website.