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About Domain Age Checker

Do you want to increase the ranking of your page? Are you looking for improving the SEO of your website? Let's talk about it today. Keyword density, plagiarism checker, article rewriter, backlinks all help in increasing your page ranking or manage SEO. Apart from these domains also play a significant role to improve your SEO and page ranking.

 A domain is the name of your website. It's the address of the website like or or All of these are called domains, and they get older and older after they are created. Domain age checker is a tool available online which helps you check the age of your domain online for free.

Domain Age Checker tool:

A domain age checker tool tells you the exact date and time, and the day your domain was created. They are genuine and reliable in case you do not remember the date you created your domain.

A domain checker tool may also provide information about the domain expiry date, IP address, the servers associated with that domain, registrar of that domain, backlinks used to check domain names, layouts, etc., So it acts as a web host checker also. You get all these features for free as it is all available online.

Using a Domain Age Checker:

Using a domain age checker is not at all difficult. It's very easy. As it is available online, you need to search for an online domain age checker from your address bar and then get onto any domain age checker and enter your domain name or the website address of your site. Now wait for few seconds and then it displays the results which contain your domains creation date, expiry date and all other results as I have mentioned above.

Now, domain age also matters in SEO of your website and your page ranking. According to Google, the domains having more age are preferred while crawling as they are the ones with fewer chances of closing. The freshly arrived domains may take some time to get indexed as they have more chances of shutting down.

Why check the age of domain?

The main reason you want to check the age of your domain is to check how good will it do in the search engine page rankings. You always want your website to do good in page ranking, so you need to keep an eye on the age of the domain. Also, by the age of the domain, you can estimate the number of viewers your website will get. The more they age; the more are the chances to get viewers.

Also, many people sell their domains online so you can buy one modify it and then publish your article or blog on that domain so that it gets more traffic than the new domain. Most of the time, buying an old domain and developing it is more preferred rather than buying a new one.


We have discussed the advantages of buying an old domain also the importance of age of a domain in SEO and page ranking. So if you want to get traffic on your website but are struggling with it, you need to have patience as no one becomes successful overnight so have patience and keep publishing blogs so that the search engine crawls your website and then do not let your ranking fall.

Happy blogging. Cheers!!