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About Domain into IP

Well, we all know what's a domain. A domain is an address of your website which you use for promoting a product or write a blog or an article. Now, an IP address is the address that your internet service provider gives it to you to connect to a server and have access to the internet. Without an IP address, you won't be able to get access to a domain.

The main difference between both of them is you can buy a domain, and after it gets aged, you sell a domain also. But, in case of IP address, it doesn't work that way. You get an IP when you get a new internet connection, and you cannot sell it or change it, but you can hide it and get a private IP using a VPN.

Converting a Domain into IP:

You can get the IP address of a domain from the command prompt, but that's a tough task. It requires a lot of time to do so. So, now if you want to get details of your IP address, you can search for an online tool that helps you with it and then click the URL or domain name you want to get the IP address. The tool not only displays the IP address of the user but also tell the ISP details and the location of the server, which also might be helpful for you.

Now getting this information not only reveals the info about your ISP or the location but also helps you secure your emails over that server.

It helps you protect your domain from online attacks and also prevents your website from virus attacks.

It also helps you to remove backlinks pointed to your site. You can easily remove those links for example, if your website has technological stuff on it, but the links are related to any business site then you can remove those links from your website. You can also allow or disallow links you wish to see on your website. You can also note the IP address; the fake or inappropriate links are coming down.

This also helps you increase your SEO and even the page ranking of your website.

Using an online tool:

Using an online tool to get your IP address is pretty simple, lookout for a tool, enter your domain name and then it displays all the information related to your IP address.


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