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When you own a website or get a website from a web hosting service provider, he not only gives you a domain address but also gives you email address and some security services. The email address provided to you by the website service provider is in the form of [email protected], which you can use as a business email address. You can make this email as your official mail used for official works such as team meetings mail or any official documents etc.,

Other than that, you need to have a personal email address to contact your friends or have an own email address which you can use on your social media accounts, and if you are a blogger, then you can use this email for any personal contacts. 

Now while you create an account, you need to check whether the email service you are using is secure and is there any privacy concern while using this email service. Now, there are many email service providers out there and how do you choose between them. It's simple, and you need to select the one that is free or cheap and provides excellent security for your incoming and outgoing emails. Safety comes first when we talk about email as there are many accounts connected with our email address and hackers out there trying to get to your email and get your information out. And if you are a businessman, many vital files come and go in your email and to protect them you need to secure your email.

Google's Gmail is the most trusted and used email service used out there, and it is free. But there are still security concerns while you use Gmail as many hackers find it easy to hack through your Gmail account.

Other email services such as PortonMail is one of the best email’s security services, but ProtonMail has some paid services to provide to its users.

Now when you have an official email address and when hackers try to get some information from you, phishing is the easiest way to hack your email and get all the information. A phishing attack involves a link sent to your email saying there might be security concerns on your email, and by mistake, if you click on the email then your data might be lost, and it might fall in wrong hands. Many organizations take proper actions required to prevent phishing on their employees.

There might be privacy concerns for an employee at three places:

1. Email at work:

As mentioned above, you need to maintain an official email address and provide it to your clients so that they can contact you on it and know about the promotional offers and details about the product. Now, you also receive confidential data on your email that needs to be secure and do not fall into the wrong hands. To protect your email, you can use some of the paid email services such as proton mail that gives you total security when it comes to protecting your official email address.

2. email at government offices: -

                             Government offices have the most critical data in their systems and securing them is most important as if the data is lost then the whole database is lost and then the details about a particular project might be at risk, so you need to maintain proper security of the emails used in the government offices.

3. Email from personal accounts: -

                                     These email accounts are the ones that are mostly attacked by hackers as these email accounts are highly at risk. These email accounts do not have proper protection and security and are used for sharing files and information. Schools, colleges use these emails to share vital information. Gmail also provides hangouts which is an instant social messaging application, and if hackers get through your personal Gmail account, they may have access to your chats and some crucial data that you might have in your hangout chats.

Protecting your Email account:

So, your accounts can be easily hacked when you do not have a strong password for your email account. Always use a strong password that contains at least 8-16 characters which consist of uppercase and lowercase letters with special characters such as @, $, &, and numbers to strengthen your password. This makes hacking your account difficult and somewhat impossible.

Many emails securing services such as ProtonMail, Tutanota, CripText, Hushmail are very helpful, but all of them are paid monthly or yearly.


So, after this article, you might have understood about the importance of protecting your email and keeping it secure by enabling a strong password and not discussing your confidential information in public and do not reveal your passwords to anyone, as any random person can get on it and misuse your email.