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About Get Source Code of Webpage

SEO is the most important thing when you build your website either for business promotions or for blogs. You need to improve your SEO and page rankings, which depends on your website, the quality of content and the originality of the products you are marketing on your site.  You also need to improve your page ranking as the website grows older, because if not done so, you might lose your viewers and then your website might fall.

Many factors are kept in mind while checking for the SEO of a website. But one of them is the source code of the site, as the search engines also check the source code of your website to understand when to show your website content to the viewer. For example, if there is a search for a laptop, then the search engine reads your source code and checks whether your content is about laptop or not, and if yes then the other factors are reviewed.

Viewing the source code of websites:

The easiest way of checking the source code of any website is right-clicking on the site and click on the view page source, and it displays the source code of the website or the webpage you are viewing. HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP are the mainly used languages to write the source code of any website.

But besides these here are some shortcuts to follow on browsers:

Mozilla Firefox: ctrl +U

Internet Explorer: Ctrl + U

Chrome: Ctrl + U

On Mac book:

Safari: Option + Command + U

Chrome: Option + Command + U

Mozilla Firefox: Command + U

Also, on Safari, you can check the source code as follows:

1. Go to Safari.

2. Click on Safari icon on the top left.

3. Now click on Preferences.

4. Go to Advanced Tab and check on the box "Show developer options in the menu".

5. Now navigate to any webpage you like to view the source code.

6. Click on Develop.

7. Now click on Show page source and the source code of the website will be on your screen.


After knowing the source code of the website, it is also very much helpful for people who want to become web developers as they can have a look at the code and understand how to combine them, how to write the code for a website. Also, it helps to have a good knowledge of your website that you are using.