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About Google Cache Checker

After you are done creating your website, now you would be in tension that your site would be indexed or not. We have the answer to this question, Google Cache Checker.

Google Cache Checker is the tool; it tells you whether your website is on Google's website index list or not. You can have access to this tool for free as it is available online.

Cache data is the data stored by any search engine when you browse through different websites. This data is again used to show faster results when you search on the same site back. Let me get this straight to you. Suppose you searched about laptops from Google and got to, so now Google stores cache data and the next time you search laptops then it loads faster than the previous time. You might not notice the time difference because it is in seconds, but the website loads more quickly than the last time. This cache data can also be cleared and can be stopped if you do not want sites to take data from you. You can delete this cache every time you remove the browsing history.

The cache data contains HTML code as well as images. It decreases the page speed giving faster access of website to the user.

All this was a little information about the cache. But now let's discuss Google Cache Checker.

Google's cache checker helps you understand about the indexing of the web pages done by Google on your website. It tells which web pages on your site are on the index list of Google. It helps Google know about your web pages, and if everything goes well, then it allows Google to add your website on the index list of the webpages.

Google cache checker also helps to improve the SEO of your website. It also helps to get complete information about the website, and then website owners can send it to their clients so that they need not visit the website again and again or in time when the site is offline.

Using Google Cache Checker:

It is easy to use the tool, and it is available online for free. You need to search for Google cache checker and then get on to the site on which it is available. Then enter the URL of the website you need the information. After you have entered the URL of the website, wait for a few seconds, and the results will be in front of you. It shows whether your site is in the index list of Google or not if your website is not in the index link you might try and update your website with some backlinks and some essential keywords used in the content of your webpages.


Now, you know if your website is indexed or not, if not then you need to try so that your website gets indexed and your webpage ranking increases. It would also help you in improving the SEO of your website, which is all you want as a website owner and an SEO master.