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About Google Malware Checker

Malware is a type of virus that affects your computer online or offline. Anyone can inject malware into your computer online or by attacking your computer. Your system can be affected by malware through a file you downloaded from the internet.

There are kinds of malware someone injects on your computer. Some of them are adware, phishing, virus, worms, trojans, ransomware, rootkits, browser hijackers, etc., and you need to be aware of these attacks and protect your computer from these attacks as once they get into your computer, it's challenging to remove them from your computer.

You might lose all your data in the process of eliminating them.

 A phishing attack is someone sends you an email benefitting you, and once you click on the link, your system is infected. The malware infected your computer, and unless you want to lose all your data, you cannot remove it, so sometimes it's too dangerous that you can't even remove it by yourselves, you need an expert to do that.

We all know many hackers out there are trying to hack systems through the internet and get private data of people. So now, to protect yourself from these hackers, you need to hide your online identity and also secure your websites so that they do not get hacked easily.

You can check if your site contains any malware by a malware scanner. Google also provides its malware scanner for all its websites, and it is safe and secure so you can log in to your google account and check for your website.

Working of a malware scanner:

As I have told you earlier, many hackers are always online hacking into a system or other. Also, there are malware scanners available online that help you to check if your website contains any malware or virus. You can do a Google search for a malware scanner, or Google has its malware checker, which gives complete information about virus and malware present on your site and preventive measures about it.

You can also install anti-virus programs on your computer that would keep your system free from virus, and if you feel any suspicious activity you can run a virus scan, and it shows the results and also it helps you in removing them from your system.


In the end, I would like to suggest that keep your system malware-free and always keep a check on your website and run malware checks so that it helps you keep your site secure. Do not click on any links sent by unknown sources for your security or for any reward as it might compromise your security from the malware. Also, remember to keep your sites secure as infected sites do not get ranking as they do not get traffic.