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About Keyword Density Checker

Are you planning to have a website to publish your article or blog?  Want to earn money from your website? Or you want to establish your business using your site? Then we have everything covered for you. Let's get you on board.

To start a website or blog, the essential thing that you need to focus is on the keywords in your article. Keywords are the most important thing which any search engine focuses on your website when it crawls your pages. You need to add keywords supported to your article, nothing other than that. If you add keywords which are not suitable for your article, then the search engine might not index your website. You need to be cautious while writing your articles and publishing them.

What is Keyword Density?

Now we know the importance of keywords in your article or blog. But if you use a keyword more than necessary, then your site may lag, and the page speed might get reduced. Even when you use a keyword less than required, then the search engine might not index your webpage which would result in the lower ranking of your page. It is what called as Keyword Density.  Keyword Density is the number of times a particular keyword is used in your article or blog.

Keyword Density Checker:

Now, as many keywords increase the loading time of your page, how will you know that you have used a keyword several times or less than required. Keyword Density Checker will do the job for you. The tool will display the keyword and number of times you have used it in your article.

It tells about the number of keywords present on your page, the loading time of your page with the current number of keywords, the relevant keywords used in the page and number of times, you used them in your page. It also tells the percentage of usage of those keywords on your page.

Using the Keyword Density Checker tool:

You can search for any keyword density checker tool online and get on any one of them. Then enter the URL of your web page or the website where you have published your content. Now click on check. Thus, the tool displays the result of the number of keywords on your page. 


As the number of keywords mainly focuses on the ranking of your page and also helps in SEO of your page. Also, remember always maintain the keyword density so that the page does not take much time to load and helps in improving your site's rank.

Happy blogging. Cheers!!