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About Keyword Rank Checker

Have you ever wondered how to rank your page on the top in search engine page results? Are you too much concerned about the performance of your website on the search engine results page? Don't know how to use the keywords on your website or blog? Then we have all of it covered for you. Let's get started.

Writing an article or a blog for your website and then publishing it on your website does not complete your job of publishing articles. You need to keep in mind that your website must have a high page ranking and also one of the top 3 pages in your search engine. For this, you need to focus on the keywords present in the article. Keywords are critical on your website, whether it be for meta tag generators or meta tag analyzers. Keywords are the best way to recognize a website's position on search engine page results and the page ranking of a website. Keywords also help to increase page ranking. Appropriate keywords help you to get more rankings and also good revenue for your site.

Keyword position checker is the perfect tool for SEO to add in your website. Keyword position tool helps you get ranking of that particular Keyword across all other sites, i.e., your competitors.

Let's take an example, let's assume you have written an article on the "best furniture to buy in 2019" then the keyword position checker checks for the keyword "furniture" in your article and then ranks your page according to the keywords among the other sites. Most of the keyword position checker tools available online are free and reliable.

Now you need to find out your websites keyword position on your search engine and also find out the top 3 rankers on your search engine.

How to use Keyword Position/Rank Checker:

There is no rocket science involved in it. It's quite simple. You need to search for a keyword position checker on your search engine, and you can select any one of the tools from the list.

After that enter the URL of the website, you want the keyword position checker to rank. You need to enter the search engine in which you want the keyword checker to find the rank of your Keyword. As the default search engine for any keyword checker is Google, but you can change it to any Top-level domains according to your convenience.

Now you need to enter the Keyword that you need to check the rank, and it displays the Keyword and the rank of the Keyword beside it for the specified search engine.

How to rank #1 on the Search engine results page:

Ranking #1 on any SERP is a tough task, and it is tougher on Google as there are numerous sites which consider Google as their top-level domain. So to rank #1 here are some tips which we suggest you do:

1. Create quality content for your website: This means the content published on your website must be original and plagiarism free as these are main things to focus on by any search engine.

2. Use appropriate keywords: Keywords does not mean using any random word in your article, Keywords mean the words that describe the content better and they are shorter in character, i.e., A keyword is of 15-20 characters only. So you need to use good and appropriate keywords in your article which are different from others and help you rank better on your search engine.

3. Use Backlinks: Backlinks are also most important if you want to rank better on your search engine. You can use backlinks from other websites, and it also helps others notice your website or article and they might then use backlinks for your website, which then increases your page rankings.


There are many tools available for checking the keyword position, some of them are free, and some are paid, but the best among them is the Google Keyword position checker which gives you relevant results in less time. There are also tools like SEMrush, AccuRanker, Ahrefs, SERPWatcher, SEOCentro Rank Checker, these Keyword checkers too do a good job.

You can select any of them and get your work done. Happy blogging. Cheers!!