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About Link Price Calculator

After buying a website, you need to focus on the SEO and the page ranking of the website. Also, you need to keep in mind that the page should contain backlinks as backlinks are the most crucial factor to consider when one wants to improve the page ranking of his website.

Link Price Calculator:

Backlinks can be bought and sold to others who give reference to your website on their websites or blogs or articles. You need to buy a link from any other website owner, but before that, you need to know at what price is the link available and what price the link can be bought correctly.

So to know that you can have a link price calculator that is available online and then it tells you the correct price to buy or sell any links. And after you know the exact cost of the link, then you are ready to bargain from the website owner and then settle at a reasonable price.

You might also notice that the link prices depend on your website if your has more traffic then the seller would ask you for more money, and if the traffic on your site is less and it is less popular, then the seller would settle at a less cost. 

Use of Backlinks:

As mentioned above, the backlinks help to improve page ranking and SEO of the website. The search engines also focus on the backlinks on the website, and the web robots crawl the website first, which has backlinks rather than which doesn't. The search engine focuses on traffic on the site, but the traffic increase by the use of backlinks. It also focuses on the relevance of backlinks to the topic, and if there is no relevance, then the website may be blacklisted or may not be able to improve its page ranking.

Using a Link Price Calculator:

As the link price calculator is available online for free, you can search it from your search engine and get on to it. Now you can enter up to 100 URLs of the websites you own or the pages and then click on check. It gives precise and detailed results on the links available on the pages and what links you can buy for those pages at what price. Also, if you want to sell any links, you can check the pay suitable for selling.


As backlinks are very much crucial for webpages and websites, you need to consider about buying them and if anyone approaches you for selling you can have a plan at what price you want to sell it so that bargaining would be easy.