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About Mozrank Checker

After you have set your website now you need to work for the betterment of your website. You need to develop your website such that it grows day by day and helps you get better page rankings, which would help you in getting better income from your website. But after you have done developing your website, you need to improve it and make it a reliable source of information to your viewers.

To increase your page rank or improve your SEO, or to get #10 ranking on the search engine page results, you need to focus on some crucial elements on your website. One of which is the keywords you use on your website. Keywords are one of the most important things that would help you in increasing your page rank. But you should keep in mind that you need to use these keywords correctly.

Any search engine while crawling make sure that the keywords used in the articles are right. If the keywords are appropriate and related to the article, then the page is ranked higher. 

Mozrank checker:

Mozrank Checker is an online tool that helps to track your keywords, which possibly will increase your page ranking. It potentially allows you to check a maximum of 10 websites at a time and tells you the appropriate keywords to be used in which do not change the meaning of the sentence. It also helps you to approve your domains and helps in search engine optimization. If the Mozrank of the pages is high, then the Moz rank of the pages which are linked to the original page is also high. Let me explain in a clear-cut way. If you have a website related to another site, whose Moz rank is high then automatically the Moz rank of your site also becomes high.

Also remember that the more high-quality links you are approved, the more ranking your site gets. The search engines not only focus on the keywords but also focus on the links, whether the links are relevant to the topic or not, or the number of viewers, visiting the site per hour or per day. So, to track the keywords you can use the Mozrank checker, it is quite helpful.

Working of Mozrank:

Mozrank authority mainly looks after the SEO of your page, the spam score of your website, are the links related to the content or not, the quality of the link-patterns, it also has a revised algorithm that helps in understanding Google's way of ranking websites and helps you accordingly.

Using Mozrank checker:

You can search for Mozrank checker online and get to the site. Now copy-paste the URLs of the site you want to keep track of the keywords, or you can copy-paste the page URLs you wish to check. At a time, you can check up to ten websites or pages, it's excellent.

Now you can click on check, and thus, you have the keywords included in your site.

You can also improve your Mozrank by keeping links on your blogs. These links are either outbound or inbound links. These links enhance the traffic on your website too. You can also exchange URLs with them, and this helps to the promotion of your site.

Using Social Media for improving your rank:

As there are much social media handles out there, you can also use any of them to improve your rank by promoting your site on social media handles. One idea is you can promote your website and on social media handles and then attract traffic on your website, which would help in increasing your Moz rank. But always remember it's not easy to attract people from social media as they are smart as well, so give your articles some catchy titles, or some catchy description to attract people.

You can use this to find the domain authority of your website and also helps to find the page authority of your website. You can also check the Mozrank of the websites whose links you want to add in your website. By this, it gives you an idea of the sites which rank #1 or #2 on the search engine results page.


By using Mozrank checker, you can calculate your Moz rank and also have a look at your competitors Moz rank also and understand the use of it. You can also improve your Moz rank by involving more backlinks on your website and even letting other sites use your website as a backlink. This would also help in increasing traffic on your website.

Happy Blogging. Cheers!!