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Everyone knows what’s an IP address of your computer. An IP address is the Internet Protocol address of your computer. Let me explain this to you. When you surf through the net or send a request to the server, the server should know from where the request is received and where to send a response.

To do so, your internet service provider provides you with an IP address, which helps the transfer of data accessible. The IP address as I told is a unique address that enables you to surf through the internet.

It is always different for different computers and can be easily changed. Also, this address is public so that anyone can look at your IP address. Without an IP address, you won't be able to get your emails, access to your Facebook, check out the latest news, nothing is possible on the internet without this IP address.

Everything which is connected has an IP address. It can be your laptop, your Wi-Fi router, or any device on TCP/IP network

Need of an IP address:

An IP address is like the address to your home. It's the only way possible to get to your home, same if you want to get anything on the internet you need an IP address. It helps you identify networks and also get the location of any device.

Your IP address contains all your personal information, the history of your surfing on the internet etc.,

Types of an IP address:

There are two types of IP address, IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 as in internet protocol version 4 and IPv6 is an extension to IPv4. IPv6 has some extra security features added to it and tunnelling is also enabled on the IPv6 version. IPv4 is a 32-bit address whereas IPv6 is a 128-bit address.

Apart from these two, there are two other informal types of IP address. They are a public IP address and private IP address.

A public IP address is a standard address provided to you by your internet service provider. It is publicly available, and anyone can have a look at it.

A private IP address is a hidden IP address over the standard IP address provided by your ISP. Your public IP can be hidden using a VPN, or you can use tor browser to surf anonymously.  A private IP can is used by anyone who wants to be anonymous and wants to remain private and have a secure search over the internet.

You can also use proxies or tor browser to remain private on the internet.

Tools for knowing your IP address:

You can log in to your ISP's self-portal website and get information about your IP address. Also, you can get your location from your IP address. You can also complete a speed test and know your IP address and even with the exact location.

You can search for an online IP address tool and select any one of them and know your IP. Also, you can hide your IP and know your hidden IP displayed on the VPN your use.


An IP address is the only way you are connected to the internet and are secure because of it. So, while using a VPN, you can keep an eye on your IP address as some VPN's keep changing your IP from time to time. Also, some VPN's are paid so you can get a free trial and test them according to your usage.