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About Page Authority Checker


Web page ranking is the most important thing for a website owner as his revenue depends on the ranking of the web pages on his website. Every website owner and SEO master would love to see his page ranked in the top as it would help him get more audience and earn more money through his website. 

Ranking of the website is done by considering many things such as whether appropriate keywords are used or not, usage of backlinks, meta tags, the keyword density is correct or not, etc., etc. Now the ranking of the web page also depends on the page authority of the web page. 

Let's understand what page authority is.

Page Authority: 

Page authority is the ranking of your page on a logarithmic scale of zero to 100, the higher the page authority, the higher is the page rank. To improve your page ranking, you need to understand that you need to improve your page authority. Page authority is calculated for each page on your website. It is different from Domain authority as domain authority is calculated for a particular domain. 

To check page authority of your web page, you can use the page authority checker.

Page Authority Checker:

Page Authority Checker is an online free tool to check the page authority of webpages. You can search for page authority checker and then get on one of it. After that, you need to enter the URL of the web page you want to check the page authority and click on CHECK.

After a few seconds, the tool will show the domain authority, page authority, your IP address, Google Index, and Google cache for your webpage. As mentioned above the page authority will be on a scale of zero to 100, the higher the page authority, the greater is the rank of the website. 

Improving page authority:

You can improve page authority of your webpage by writing relevant content to the topic assigned and not deviating from the topic. Also, you need to write original and plagiarism free content to get higher page rankings for your web pages. The best way to improve page authority or domain authority is including quality backlinks, internal links, and getting rid of all spam and copied links. Backlinks are the most important in terms of page ranking and SEO for your website. Internal links that point towards your website are compulsory to increase traffic on your website, thereby increasing the page ranking of your website.


After taking proper measures to increase page authority, you need to keep checking the page authority of your website at regular intervals so that you can improve page authority and page ranking of your website when it falls. Providing quality and original content is must as that is the only way you can get good rankings. Uniqueness is the key.