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Does your website take more time to load? Are you facing some problems with your website? Have you checked the number of pages on your website? Is the traffic on the site decreasing due to the loading time? Here are the solutions to your questions. Let's get on board.

All the SEO tools are available free online. You can do a Google search and find all of them and then continue developing your website. You can check your backlinks, your keywords density, keywords reference, the rank of your page, page speed, and almost everything by the help of these tools. You can also check the IP address of your domain.

Now, these tools are capable of telling the number of pages on your website. So that you can estimate the time your website or the page would take to load or render to the viewer. The maximum page size that can be is up to 12kb. After this, the site loads slowly, and it becomes difficult for the viewer to load the site and view the contents of your page. So, always before submitting your page to the website or search engine check the size of the page and if it is more than 12kb, you can delete some contents from your page, or you can remove the high-resolution images and animations from your page.

Advertising also increases the page size, the more ads, the more time page takes to load, and the more users need to for the page to load, so it prevents all these you need to add fewer ads in your page and as we all know commercials are frustrating as well, so by removing ads users can have original content to themselves without any frustration.

For example, if you have an ad blocker installed on your browser, then it might take 7 seconds to load the page of 3.5Mb, and when you do not have an ad blocker installed it would take around 33 seconds to load the page of 16Mb.

One way of reducing the page size is decreasing the pixels of the images you use, and you can minimize them and also apply any online compression tools to decrease the size of the pictures so that the page does not take much time to load.

Using the online tool:

You can search for the page size checker online and then go to any of the online tools, enter your URL and then click on CHECK. The tool displays the number of pages on your website, and then you can check the size and decrease the contents of your site.


According to the stats, 16% percent of the online users do not go the page that takes more than 10 seconds to load, so you need to keep the viewers in mind and then design your pages so that they do not take much time to load and show up as soon as people search for the pages.