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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Google is one of the best search engines, and every website wants to the top ten search engine results page. If you are a businessman, then you would surely love to see your website on the top of the search results. To be precise, your web page at the top of Google's results pages. Now all of these is only possible if your website is fast enough to show results. If your site is slow because of some links or images, then there are possibilities that Google may remove your page.

Let's talk about Website speed:

Website speed is the time taken by the website to respond after a search. So it also depends on the browser that how fast it gets the information from the server. As we all don't want to wait for too long on the net and get instant results, the websites need to be faster. So every website creator looks after the page speed of his website and tries to increase his website page speed for efficient results.

So to fasten up your website, you can go to Google Page Insights and then enter the URL of your webpage. If your web page scores 100%, then you can tell that your website is fast enough. But if it is not 100%, then you need to work on your website. Remove all the duplicate links, high-resolution images which cause slowing of your website.

Pagespeed Insights:

Google's page speed insights help you to get complete knowledge about your website or your page on mobile or desktop. You can get a full performance report of your website on your mobile application. It also provides you suggestions to increase the performance of your website or webpage.

According to official Google reports, your website is considered to be fast if it crosses the 90 marks, average if the performance is from 50-90 and slow if the performance of the site is below 50.

You also have advantages if you have faster page speed so that you can look into your competitor's pages who have lower page speeds.

Importance of PSI:

Now if you want to increase the page speed of your website, you need to have a proper structure of your page. By adequate structure, I mean that your page should not contain heavy animations, massive slides, large images. I am not asking to remove pictures, animations from your website, but you need to take care that these are the major factors that lower the speed of pages of your website. Always remember the lesser the capacity of the page, the faster it loads. Do attach images, animations, slides on your page, but you can break and add them, like you can add pictures on one page, animations on the other, slide on the other so that it helps the page load faster.

Checking your page speed:

 You can do a Google search about the online tools for page speed or check your page speed by Google's official page speed checker tool. It gives you scores and tells you if your site is fast, an average of slow.


Your page speed and the quality of your page defines everything about your website. So, remember to keep your page speed high so that it loads faster whenever it searches. It helps your site to be displayed on the top ten results of your search engine. Also, remember to publish quality content on your website as that's the most important thing for a blogger or a content writer. Never compromise with the quality and always keep it original and fresh. Happy blogging. Cheers!!