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About Plagiarism Checker

Does your search engine blacklist your page? Are you having copyright issues on your website or blog?  We have it resolved for you. Your page might contain some copied content which is nothing but plagiarism. So, let's get started.

Plagiarism is copying the content of one website into your article or blog. Plagiarism is not at all the best option when you are writing an article for an organization or your website.

Evolution of technology has been very much helpful for everyone. It has also been very much useful for content writers. Many plagiarism checking tools are available online, which help you detect plagiarism in your article; some of them are free and paid as well.

Using other's content is not at all advised as it might be copyrighted, and you might also lose your audience. Also, if you are working in an organization and you present plagiarized content to them, you might be at risk or might lose your job. You might sometimes automatically write a copied content without knowing, so having a plagiarized tool is recommended so that your article is fresh for the audience.

Working of Plagiarism Checker:

You do not need any rocket science in doing this. All you need to do is just copy-paste the article that you need to check in your plagiarism tool. Then wait for the result. If you use copied content, the tool automatically highlights it, and thus you can change the content.

The plagiarism checker does the same work that Google or other websites do it checks two documents that are present in its database and then if there are any same sentences in the article it displays a red flag beside the sentence.

Manually checking an article for plagiarism is not an easy task, and sometimes you might not recognize a plagiarised article.

Need of a Plagiarism Checker:

Now, let's discuss why do we need a robust plagiarism checker. When you create your website for your articles or blogs to generate some revenue by them, you need to integrate your website or blog to google or any search engine that might take your items and help you generate income. Now if you publish copyrighted or plagiarized content on your website, Google firstly checks the quality and standards of the article published. Now, if you copy the content, then your search might find it through its plagiarism checker and might blacklist you. It also decreases the page rank of your page or website you have published the article.

So, to have good page rank and attract the audience, you need to produce fresh and quality content to your audience.

Uses of Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism checker also offers some great SEO tools which would help your page grow. Any individual can use the plagiarism checker for any task such as checking of phrases and punctuations in the homework, checking duplication of assignments of students.

Plagiarism Tools:

Here are some free plagiarism tools that you can use to get rid of plagiarized content in your article.

  1. The SEO Checker's Free Plagirism Checker Tool
  2. Plagiarism checker by smallseo tools
  3. Pre-post SEO plagiarism checker.
  4. Bibme - online plagiarism checker.
  5. Grammarly - it is a paid plagiarism checker but also offers many other services except plagiarism checking. After using Grammarly, you might feel that it's worth the money. Its plagiarism checker is by far the best one till now. It also takes your suggestions while you create content for your website and helps you write accordingly.


It's time we end the article and as I have told everything about plagiarism and plagiarism checker and the tools that are made to check the content. I advise you do not copy someone else's content and publish your blog. Always remember to publish fresh and original content to your audience as they matter the most.

Happy writing. Cheers!!