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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Everyone knows what's an IP address of your computer. An IP address is the Internet Protocol address of your computer. Let me explain this to you. When you surf through the net or send a request to the server, the server should know from where the request is received and where to send a response.

To do so, your internet service provider provides you with an IP address, which helps the transfer of data accessible. The IP address as I told is a unique address that enables you to surf through the internet.

It is always different for different computers and can be easily changed. Also, this address is public so that anyone can look at your IP address. Without an IP address, you won't be able to get your emails, access to your Facebook, check out the latest news, nothing is possible on the internet without this IP address.

Everything which is connected has an IP address. It can be your laptop, your Wi-Fi router, or any device on the TCP/IP network.

Any device which has access to the internet, either a mobile, tablet, TV, the laptop contains an IP address provided by the internet service provider.

Need of an IP address:

An IP address is like the address to your home. It's the only way possible to get to your home, same if you want to get anything on the internet you need an IP address. It helps you identify networks and also get the location of any device.

Your IP address contains all your personal information, the history of your surfing on the internet, etc.

There are two types of IP address, static and dynamic IP address. The Internet service provider provides a static IP address. These web hosting service provider gives static IP address at higher rates, and these cannot be changed and are for a lifetime. 

Whereas dynamic IP addresses can be changed and are less costly, now while assigning the IP address to the user, the web hosting service provider assigns the IP address from a pool of IP addresses available. The database stores all the information about the IP address present in the pool of IP addresses.

Working of an IP address:

Now, whenever a user sends a request to a site, it goes through the servers to the web hosting server and then the web hosting server checks your IP address and then sends the request to that particular IP address. Now, suppose you submit a request to open trello on your laptop, then the web hosting server checks the IP address of your internet and then sends the request to your IP address.

Now, you might also think about how does your internet work when you are traveling? Then the smartphone internet provider assigns a dynamic IP address to you, and when you stay in a hotel, the IP address is of the hotels and not yours.

Whenever you own a website, you are given a dynamic IP address from the web hosting service provider, and your IP address is listed on the internet.

Using Reverse IP Lookup:

Now, when you use domain IP address, you won't know which other websites are using the same IP address and finding that you need to go for reverse IP lookup. In this, you can know about all the sites that have the same IP address as of yours. Mostly, a reverse IP lookup is done when your viewers do not find your website at a given IP address, and they register a complaint about it.

Working of a reverse IP Lookup:

When you tell your web hosting provider that your viewers are finding difficulty in locating your website, he runs a check to see if there's a problem in the shared IP address and if there's nothing from his side, then you need to change your HTML code of the website. If there is a problem with the web hosting server, then he changes the settings and tries to resolve your issue.

You can also check the sites that use the same domain by the help of online tools available for free.

Go to your search engine search for an online reverse IP lookup tool such as smallseo tools and then enter your domain in the space provided. Now, wait for the results. The tool will give the complete list of websites using your IP address and also the number of sites that are in use with the particular IP address.


So by using reverse IP lookup you can have a list of all websites using your domain, and then you can check which site is down or causing the issue and contact your web hosting provider to solve the problem. As if your website is not visible for more extended time, you might lose your viewers and traffic on your website. So, try to keep your website working as much time as possible.