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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Many of you out there own a website, right? You use your website in different ways. Some of you might use it for promoting products, some of you use it for blogging, and some of you publish articles on your website. Now for those who blog or publish articles or promote products, you might be concerned about the SEO of your website. How do you increase the SEO of your website? How to improve the ranking of your pages? How do you manage the indexing of your website by the web crawlers of the search engine? Don't worry, we have got you covered. This blog has the answer to all of your questions. Let's go.

SEO is the primary concern for any website owner as he wants his website to have good SEO by which he can get a good ranking on the search engine.  There are many ways by which you can increase your SEO, but the easiest way is by changing a small text file. Many of you might not believe me, but that's the truth. All you need to do is create or customize a small text file, and you are covered. Then web crawlers will recognize your page and not only that it would also increase your SEO. The file is robots.txt file. Yes, this file would help you improve your SEO of the website. You need not have any prior experience in creating a robots.txt file, and it's easy. There are many robots.txt file generators out there online which could do the job for you free. So you need not worry about that. It's pretty simple.

Importance of Robots.txt file:

Robots Exclusion Protocol or standards is a text file which informs search engines to crawl on pages of your website. It tells the search engines to perform web crawl only on particular pages of the site as it checks the quality of the pages and then decides to crawl or not.

Before understanding the robots.txt file, you need to know how it works.

Here's how a robots.txt file works:

As mentioned above a robots.txt file tells the web crawlers to crawl the particular page of your website or not. Your website contains many pages. So whenever a web crawler wants to crawl your site, it refers to the robots.txt file and robots.txt file sends instructions whether the crawler should crawl the particular page or not.

There is the syntax for that:


Disallow: /

Now the * means that the search engines crawl on that particular page and the / after disallow means that the search engines or web robots will not crawl that page. As your website contains many pages, the google bot automatically sets a crawl budget for its web robot, and it also sets crawl limits for your website. A crawl budget is that number of pages the web robots can crawl or want to crawl.

Using a robots.txt generator:

You can do a google search for a robots.txt generator. There are many out there. Then select one generator and then enter the required fields.

1. Firstly, you need to enter "default-all robots are" leave this field to allow and then set the crawl-delay.

Crawl-delay: Crawl-delay decreases overloading on the search engines. Your web pages contain many pages, and the web robots crawl all of them, so here are chances of overloading. Search engines use crawl-delay to prevent overloading. Different search engines use it in different ways, and Bing uses crawl-delay as a timer so that, the web robot visits the site only once in that specific time, Yandex uses it as a pause in between repetitive visits.

3. The next field is sitemap. A sitemap is like a blueprint as it contains all the information about your website and it's a must. You need to have a sitemap for a robots.txt file.

4. Next, you have the list of all search engines that you want to crawl your website. You can change the default crawl options according to your convenience, by default are options websites are allowed to crawl through your website.

5. The last option is restricted directories, which helps you to stop the crawlers entering these pages. This option if for pages you don't the search engine to crawl. You can enter the page link and disable crawling for that page.


Thus, in the article, we got to know about the uses of a robots.txt file, how to create a robots.txt file. Google also has its robots.txt generator which you can use to create a robots.txt file, or you can learn how to create a robots.txt file from Google's tutorial.

Here is the link for that:

You can create your robots.txt file and remember it is beneficial for increasing SEO and also your page ranking, so always use it on your website. Nowadays, sites without robots.txt file are not crawled by the web robots, so keeping that in mind, always use robots.txt. Cheers!!