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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Are you a businessman looking to promote your products and increase sales and marketing? Do you need more clients and make your product reach as many people as possible? Are you a blogger and want to publish more articles at once? Do you want to earn more money by yourself (by not working in an organization) as a content writer?

Then you need to go online.

Going online means you need to promote your products or sell and market it online through any website. As a businessman or as a content writer, you need to build a website, to do so, you need to get your website from a web hosting service provider.

After you have got a website and you are done with creating your web pages and the content for your website, it's time for your website to go online. Once your website goes live, you need to worry about the page ranking and SEO of your website. If the page ranking of the site is less (in top #10), then the search engine results page shows your website, and if not then your website won't be present in the search engine results page.

Now after your website is live the search engine web robots crawl your site before indexing. These web robots are called crawlers or spiders as they check two to three pages at once spreading their legs on all the pages. So, if you want the spiders to crawl your website, you need to maintain the quality of the site and need to understand that there must be no compromise in the originality of the content.

You need to keep in mind to use proper keywords suited to your content, appropriate tags, backlinks on your webpages, less page size as more the page size the more time its take to load.

Remember the crawlers check all the keywords, links, and if the links are spam or copied, then it will not appear in index your webpages.

Search Engine Spider Simulator:

Now, as far as crawlers are concerned, we do not know how they work, no one knows. So, to one extent, we can look through them and get the help of some online tools to improve our content so that our website gets indexed. All the search engine optimization tools are available online for free. You can search for them and use them.

There is also called search engine spider simulator that helps in checking whether the content is appropriate for indexing or not. You can search for a Search Engine Spider Simulator tool and get on one of it. After that, enter the URL of your webpage or website and click on CHECK. After a few seconds, the spider simulator gives a list of containing:

1. meta tags, keywords, and description.

2. Text and contents of the web page.

3. Internal links with no-follow and do-follow links,

4. External links with no-follow and do-follow links.

5. Hyperlinks that search engine follows.

6. And much more.


After this search, you will get an idea what all content does the spider simulator looks, and then you can improve the content and then use online ping generator to ping the search engine to index your web pages on your website. Also, the spiders cannot look through flash, JavaScript, so you need to take care of them and check if they are in use or not.