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About Suspicious Domain Checker

You can come across virus while you use your friends USB to transfer some files or whenever you search anything on the web. There are many hackers online who hack your network and get into your computer to steal your information, and then they can blackmail you or get some money by selling it.

When you own a domain from a web hosting service provider sometimes, you might be suspicious about the domain. You can use any suspicious domain checker tool to check whether you contain any virus or malware or not.

As there is increase in viewers on your site daily and increase in traffic, you need to check your domain and have a routine checkup as there are more possibilities of your domain being a hacker or any injection of malware as there are many hackers nowadays who tend to steal data online.

Once your website gets marked as suspicious on online, then the viewers might not be able to get onto your site and view your content which you do not want. So, you can do a routine checkup on your domain, and once if you find any suspicious thing, you can take actions according to it.

Using the tool:

You can search for AVG Antivirus online tool and then enter the URL of the website you want to check the suspicious activity. This tool tells if your domain is infected with a virus or not and also gives instant and accurate results.


Thus, to prevent your website from virus and other malware or hackers, you need to test your site every once in a while and then take precautions. Such that it does not happen the next time as you lose your viewers if your website is down for a long time and also your viewers do not want to view content on a suspicious, unsecured site. You need to keep this in mind before getting your website online.