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About URL Rewriting Tool

Have you just completed building your website? Are you looking to expand your website or attract people to your website to increase page ranking and improve the SEO of your website? Your website will have a URL which helps people get onto your site and view the content on your website. But, apart from building a website, you need to keep in mind that building a website is not only the thing you need to do. You should also promote your website, but before doing that, let's talk about the URL of your website.

Uniform resource locator, often referred to as URL is the address you enter in the address bar of the search engine. www.facebook.com is the URL that redirects you to the Facebook website and lets you connect to your friends instantly.

URL is of two types: static URL and dynamic URL. NOw let's understand the difference between static and dynamic URL. In static URL you can change the contents of the website only by changing the HTML code in the website.

A dynamic URL is, whose contents can be changed by altering the database of the site. You can change your monger dynamic URLs into static URLs. This also helps you to improve the SEO of your website.

Dynamic URLs are often long, and static URLs are shorter, which makes static URLs to remember easily, so every person who owns a website would always want to convert his dynamic URL into static URL.

Now converting an URL from dynamic to static is a tough task. When you own a website, you have a lot of other things to concentrate on. You need to have a look at your SEO, improve your webpage ranking, and get your website in the top #10 of the search engine results page. Now, to change your dynamic URL into static URL, all you need to do is find an online converter tool that helps you convert URLs instantly within no time.

Long URLs are not viewer-friendly, and sometimes people find it tough to search through these long URLs. So you can use any of the tools to shorten your URLs.

Why use URL Rewriter:

1. It is efficient.

2. It saves times, and it is user-friendly.

3. Easy to use.

4. They help you rank better in your search engine, for example, Google.

5. It is an online tool, so you need not download this on your PC to use, which saves time and space. You can enter your URL and get instant results online.

6. The interface is very helpful to beginners.

7. It helps in loading web pages faster.

8. They are easy to bookmark and remember.

Using URL rewriter:

It is fundamental and simple to use. You need to search for an URL rewriter tool online and get onto the best one you find. Then you need to enter the URL which you wish to rewrite. Now click on the "check" button present below the URL box. After this wait for few seconds and your URL is shortened and now you can promote and attract traffic on your website.


So converting an URL is not at all a difficult task and you need to concentrate on it as well as you want to improve the page ranking of your website. So always try to impress your viewers as they need instant results by applying minimum efforts, and as a website owner, you need to take care of those things.

Happy blogging. Cheers!!