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Going back to 90s Internet was not so fast then it is nowadays. Internet was slow, and people who surfed on the Internet used to wait for the webpage to display all the contents in it, and it took most of their time. But as there was a rise in technology, everything got faster and so as the Internet. The Internet also faced some significant changes and was now becoming popular in every household. Now, as it was becoming popular, the Internet service providers also increased the speed so that they can get more customers and customers can surf faster. This made surfing on the Internet comfortable, and now the Internet is the fastest means to know anything.

You can get everything on the Internet now, from cooking videos to online tutorials, from newspaper editorials to blogs on technology and famous people, from the poorest to the richest, everything and almost everyone has access to the Internet nowadays.

Now we can also create our websites in a faster way due to availability of Internet everywhere. As we can develop websites instantly using content management systems like WordPress, Joomla etc., these websites must be able to produce faster results, as no one wants to wait nowadays and everyone is in a hurry. So, people want faster results to their searches, and to do so, you need to have your website loading time minimal.

The least the website loading time, the faster user can get onto your webpage.  This affects a lot on the traffic of your website, which is directly proportional to your page ranking.

Page speed:

Website loading time or page speed depends on the content of the page. It depends on the content, the images, the graphics, the animations used on your page. The more pictures, graphics, animations you use on your web page, the slower it loads. You need to use these but in a limited manner so that the user does not face difficulty while viewing the content on your website and if your website takes more time loading the viewer will shift to another site with less loading time, and you would lose your potential customers.

Also, not only viewers search engines such as Google also focus on the page speed of your website and then rank the pages, so the page speed also affects the SEO of your website.

And that's the reason you need to check the page speed of your website from time to time, and if you notice any increase in loading time, then you can resolve it without the customer experience it.

Page Speed Checker:

Now, to maintain the page speed of your website regularly, you need to perform page speed checks on all your webpages at regular time intervals. Doing so would help you in noticing any changes in loading time and would help you resolve it. Page Speed also tells you which page takes more loading time and which page takes less time. Now the factors on which page speed mainly depends on are:

1. High-resolution images.

2. Graphics

3. Animations.

4.  Slideshows.

To decrease the page speed, you need to drop the animation or slide show content from your website. You can reduce the page speed by splitting the content and then providing all the information. Like, you can present slideshows on one page and animations on the other and images on the front page so that the web page looks attractive.

Page speed checker is an efficient tool that helps you check the page speed of your web pages, and it is available for free online.

You can do a simple search and then go to any page speed checker and enter the URL of the webpage or the website, in case of website it displays the loading time of all the pages on the site. As soon as you click on CHECK, the tool shows the loading time for the page.

Decreasing page speed:

To reduce page speed, you can use cache browsers which use the cache, so that every time a user searches your web page the browser has already stored it in the cache, so it does not take much time in displaying results (the content of your web page).

Also, less use of images would decrease the page speed of your website. If you are using files, then you can apply some compression tools to compress files so that they occupy less space on your website.


The page ranking mostly depends only on three things, the quality of the content, the traffic on the website and the page speed of the site or the webpage. The best way to identify the page speed is using the page speed checker as it is not done manually and after knowing the faults, you can improve as no user wants the web page to take much time in loading. As discussed earlier, page speed affects very much on traffic and also page ranking of your websites, so to increase page ranking and SEO of your website, you need to concentrate on your websites page speed. Google also has a page speed checker, which is very useful and reliable, and you can depend on it as most of the sites nowadays are featured on Google.

So always produce quality and original content on your website, which is plagiarism free as it attracts more user and remembers regular page speed checks are must for good page ranking.