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What are Backlinks? Backlinks also called inbound links or in links are nothing but hyperlinks that are present in some other website or article, pointing towards your website or blog.

Let me explain it in simple language. Suppose there is a blog on another website on Java, but they have provided a hyperlink of your site in their article as a reference, so most of the people reading that article will also visit your website to have a look at your content. Those links are backlinks.

So, as mentioned above the higher number of backlinks to your website, the more successful your page becomes. The more ranking of your page increases. That's the reason backlinks are very much crucial for your website.

Now, if you want your website or blog to be more successful, you need more backlinks which tell you must provide original, plagiarism-free and quality articles to your viewers so that if they create a website, they give a hyperlink to your site. It attracts customers and increases website ranking on a search engine, which lets you make money.

Backlinks are one of the factors that help you in improving your SEO and page ranking.

After writing your blog or including all the products on your website, you need to enter backlinks so that viewers also get complete information about the article or product from other sites which you might have missed. You can give backlinks for Wikipedia as it's the most popular site and contains every information about everything.

Now, after you have included backlinks in your article or website, you need to count the number of links used in your site, and you cannot do this manually as it is time taking and exhausting. So, you can use any online tool that helps you to do so.

There are SEO tools online that help in building your website, and one of them is Online Link Checker tool.

Online Link Checker Tool:

It is a free tool available online and one of the most useful tools.

All you need to do is search for any link checker tool, then go to the site and enter your website's URL in the empty bar and click on CHECK. The tool automatically tells the number of links present on your website and also suspicious links (if any) on your website, so that you can remove them or replace them with proper connections.

The tools also tell the number of external, internal, no follow, do-follow links present on your website.

Internal links are the links present within your website, whereas, external links are the links used as a reference from another site to your site.

No, follow links must be avoided as they possess some threat, whereas, Do-Follow links are automatically allowed by the search engine so that the search engine can reach your website.


Now, you know the difference between all the links and also have got some knowledge about which links to include in your article and which not. But remember not to copy links and create your backlinks as they are more helpful in SEO.