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Taking is a screenshot is an easy task if you are operating a smartphone or a tablet. You can hit the volume rockers and the lock button to capture a screenshot of the content you are viewing, and you can also share it with others. But what if you are working on a laptop or a desktop and want to share the content you are viewing to someone else, you can take a screenshot of your screen on your Windows or Mac also, but you need to know which buttons to press to take the screenshot.

On Windows, you can hit the windows button plus the prt sc button to take the screenshot, but on Mac it's different.

Now if you own a website and one of your users face any issue while working on your website, then how do you expect him to tell you the problem he was facing. He would contact you and explain the issue but, what if you do not speak the same language and are not comfortable in understanding the issue. Then you will ask him to take the screenshot of the page or the problem he was facing and mail it to you so that you can understand the issue.

What if he does not know to take a screenshot, you need to guide him on how to take the screenshot on his desktop. He can also copy and paste the screenshot in paint and mail it to you, but if his computer is not Windows all these would not be possible, and he would leave your site and find any other, and you would not let this happen as you lose your customer because of a silly problem.

So, here is a solution to this problem, which would prevent you from losing your valuable customers. This is an online website screenshot generator.

Website Screenshot Generator:

It is an online tool that lets you take a screenshot and download the screenshot from your browser and then you can share it your friends or at work. It is very simple.

You need to search for a screenshot generator online and go to it. Enter the URL of the website or page you want to take a screenshot and then click on OK. After the screenshot is done, and then you can download it on your desktop.

It is the easiest way one can take a screenshot of his webpage if he/she does not how to take a screenshot on his desktop or notebook.


 Now, as well all know clients are the most important for someone who owns a website and runs his business online and promotes his products online. He needs to take care of his clients, page rankings, and SEO of the website. If he faces any issues, he must be ready to solve it and get as many customers as he can. That's the motive. And for SEO, all the tools are available online, so one need not worry and take some tips from these online tools and learn to grow and attract clients on his website.