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About What is my Browser

Once you are done creating your website, you might want to have a look at how it appears for any user. To do so, you need a browser to search for your website. Also, to search for anything on the internet, you need a browser that would help you to connect to the internet and then get your questions answered.

So, in short, a browser helps you to connect to the internet.

Which browser to use? Which is a good one? The most important thing which browser is the fastest?

Microsoft Edge is a Windows browser, and Safari is Apple's official browser. You can install Google Chrome, which is Google's official browser on any platform. At present, Google Chrome is the best browser when it comes to speed of the search browser or the cache. Google Chrome a lot of cache data so that users can get faster results instead of waiting for the website to respond.

Many third-party browsers, such as Brave, which also block ads and provide some security to you while you are online,  but these are not as efficient as Chrome.

You can also use Tor browser if you want to do a private search and keep your internet activity private. Google Chrome, no doubt, tracks your history and IP address and has your location, but it is terrific.

To know more about your browser, you can use online tools that are available online and are free to use.

Using What is my Browser:

What is my browser is an online tool that comes very handy and is very easy to use? It is free to use, so you need not worry about any payment issues.

Go to your browser and search for what is my browser online tool and click on any of the online tools and just by getting on the site, it displays the details of the browser you are using. The name of the browser, the version, is JavaScript enabled or not, flash is installed or not, whether you have installed java or not, OS version. All the information will be right in front of you, which helps you understand your browser in a better way.


This tool is only for beginners who don't know about the OS version or the browser they are working on, and they need to have a clear cut idea about on what platform they are working. In the future, if they might face any issues on the browser or the website, they might be able to solve it with some knowledge of the browser.