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Every businessman owns a website, and he promotes all his products on his site. In short, he uses his website for selling and marketing of products. There are many people out there who use websites for publishing their articles or blogs which would help readers to know about a particular topic.

Now when you own a website, you buy domain names from a certified domain seller. Not only domains you also get a web hosting account which can host your website and it contains all the data present on your website.

For instance, let's assume you own 4-5 domains. Still, you want to buy domains for expanding of your business, or you are purchasing a domain for a particular article or blog.

Now you cannot write down or store all the information about your domain and manually remember the information about all the domains you bought. For this, there are tools available on the internet which make the job easier for you. 

It is convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is enter the domain whose information you need to extract. The tool I am talking about is the WHOIS database.

About WHOIS domain database:

A WHOIS domain database contains all the information about your domain such as the date of creation, owner of the domain, expiry date of the domain, availability of the domain, etc.,

Talking about the accuracy of the WHOIS database, some of the registrars allow you to edit your details and review them from time to time. This leaves no doubt regarding the accuracy of the information.

Also, there are strict rules to be followed implemented by ICANN, which tells you to update your data at regular intervals, and if you fail to do so, your domain may be suspended or canceled. Also, it helps to complain against fake or suspected domains, and it checks them according to its protocols.

You can also contact your registrar regarding any changes in the domain, or to secure your domain.


So, if you ever need any information regarding your domain or if you plan to buy a new domain and update all your data which must be secure then you can go for WHOIS domain database. It helps you store all the information securely, and it is reliable and trust-worthy.