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About Word Counter

Have you ever thought why does Instagram only limit word counts to 30 hashtags? Why does Facebook limit comments to 8000 characters, why it allows only 63000 characters to post? Why twitters, tweet word count is limited to 140 characters? It's all word count because it's always said to talk less work more.

Almost all the social media handles enable word count so that there is no misuse of words. So, you need to keep in mind to convey your meaning to the reader in fewer words.

If you are a blogger or an article writer, then you can understand the importance of word count. You need to maintain a proper word count for your articles so that the readers get complete information about the topic or know what you want to express through the article or blog, but in the same way, they should not be bored after reading your article. The most crucial thing in your article is the correct usage of words.

When you write articles for an organisation, you are given word counts, i.e., number of words your article should contain, for example, 800 words. It can be more than that also, but you need to keep in mind that your article must provide all the information about the topic you are writing such that the reader understands the concept of the article.

Word counters:

Now, when you are writing an article, you cannot count the number of words manually, it's tough, so you need someone to count many words in your article.

Technology has helped people so much and content writers also. There are many online word counters available which would do the task for you.

Word counters are available online, or if you want an offline word counter, Microsoft Word is the best tool. It tells you the number of words in your article and also helps you check your spelling mistakes.

Apart from Microsoft Word, Grammarly is the best online tool that would help you with everything. It helps you with the word count, estimated reading time, the readability score, average rating, and it also has an inbuilt plagiarism checker, which you can unlock once you buy the premium version. If you are a blogger or work as a content writer in an organisation, then Grammarly is the best tool for you.

Apart from Grammarly, many online tools are available, which help you do a word count and also check for plagiarism in your article. You can do a Google search and find out one suitable for you. 


So, always remember proper usage of words in your article is very much necessary, and if you want to impress your audience then you need to use fewer words but convey information through them, that's the mark of a writer. And also remember never copy from others because in an article only words matter, if you copy them, then the article loses its originality. Always keep your content fresh and original. Happy blogging. Cheers!!