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About www Redirect Checker

Let's think that you want your users to reduce efforts while searching your website, and you want to make it comfortable for them. You can do this by redirecting your website from www to without using www. So now every time a user wants to search for your site, he can enter the name of your website, for example, Google, and the search engine automatically redirects his search to your website. Isn't that amazing. By doing this, you can attract traffic on your website as well as lesser the efforts of the people who visit your site and now they can easily have access to your site.

Types of Redirects:

Now, after looking at redirection, let's understand the types of redirects present online.

1. 300 multiple choices:

It helps you get different formats of the images or text or any files you want to upload on your website. It presents you with many options you can use to upload files or text on your site.

2. 301 moved permanently:

It helps to redirect the present URL to an alternate URL as the current URL no longer exists.

3. 302 found(HTTP 1.1/Moved permanently(HTTP 1.0)):

It indicates that either the website is permanently removed or transferred to any other URL or the URL was temporarily moved to another URL.

4. 307 Moved temporarily(HTTP 1.0)

In this case, whenever a redirect occurs, URL is shifted to another temporary URL, and if the user requests further requests in the future, it shows the original URL.

5. Meta Refresh:

It is a  server-side refresh that occurs at the server-side. Usually, when you search for a URL, it displays "click here, if not redirected in 5 seconds".

Uses of Redirect checker:

  1. Helps you track down links easily.
  2. Helps you to check whether shorter links are redirected to correct site or not.
  3. Helps to check your website, whether it is working correctly or not.
  4. Helps you to check whether the cookies are sent to correct redirected site or not.
  5. Enables you to check how many redirects are done by particular websites.

Using a redirect checker:

It is very easy to use the tool as it is available for free online. You can perform a simple search about the tool and select any one of them available. Now enter the site you want to analyze and then click on CHECK. Wait for a few seconds, and then redirect link will be available.


After discussing the redirect links, it's my advice to use them as they would help you a lot in improving your SEO and also page ranking. So you can use them for instant results, and you might be impressed by the results.