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About XML Sitemap Generator

Everyone who owns a website always wants his site to rank in the top in search engine ranking pages. When you publish an article or a blog on your website, then your search engine crawler crawls your site and then ranks the pages of your website accordingly.

 This crawl is done by most of the search engines to provide the latest content to the reader or viewer, which results in indexing of all the pages present on your website. This means the number of crawls the more your pages will be indexed.

A search engine may allow the web robots to crawl your site more than once in a day. As crawling is an algorithm, it decides the number of times a crawling should occur on a website.

Now, you also want to boost up the SEO of your website, so to do this, I have an excellent technique which requires minimal effort. It does not need any prior experience, and absolute beginners can also try this, and the method is XML Sitemap.

What is an XML Sitemap?

XML: Extensible markup language is a markup language, which is a better version of HTML. A sitemap as the name suggests gives you everything your site contains. It contains all the information about your website, from the contents of the website to the structure of the website everything. It also includes information like when the site was updated, how frequently the site updates etc., The role of XML is very simple, it just takes care that the search engines well understand all the data. 

Importance of XML Sitemap:

As we all know the primary significance of XML sitemap is to provide information to the search engine the details of the site and to help, the search engine crawls your website efficiently, to bring your website on top. It also increases the rank of your page on the search engine. 

If your website does not contain XML, then there are possibilities of it to provide duplicate data that means there are fewer chances of your website to be crawled and get indexed on the search engines results page.

Things XML Sitemap does to your website:

1. Tells your search engine to crawl your site or not.

2. It helps your search engine to index your page in a faster way.

3. It tells information present on your website to the search engine.

XML Sitemap is essential if:

1. You have newly created your website.

2. You used WordPress, Joomla, or any other content management system to create your website.

3. You have too many pages on your website.

4. You have internal links, or your website is not well-structured.

5.  Your site doesn't get indexed very quickly.

6. Want a high ranking on your pages and boost up your SEO.

Now, the best part of XML Sitemap is if any other site copies your pages and then they request for indexing of their pages then you can show the XML sitemap of your pages to prove the originality of your content.

Creating an XML Sitemap:

There are many sitemap generators available online, so you can use one of them and get an XML Sitemap created for your website. The essential keywords to noted down are:

1. Page-changing frequency:

 As the name suggests, it tells how frequently the URL of the pages or the contents of the page gets modified.

2. Last modified date:

  It described when the URL was last modified. You can change the date or time or can leave it to the server it automatically takes the date and time when the URL gets modified.

3. Page priority:

                It helps you to give your pages a priority option to your pages. The least you can give is 0.0 and the highest being 1.0.

Now, download your XML Sitemap and submit it to your search engine.


After knowing about the sitemaps and uses of them hope you have understood the importance of the sitemaps on your website and I recommend it using every time you create a new website as it is very much helpful in growing your page and increasing your SEO. It will also help you rank your pages better on your search engine, so do use it and give your suggestions about it. Cheers!!